Volunteer Highlight #1: Holly Bascombe

Date: 2/10/2021
Contact: Angela West |

How long have you been volunteering at Cowtown?

I started volunteering at Cowtown individually three years ago. Before that I would help with the Girl Scouts when they needed me.

How did you get started volunteering?

I started volunteering when my daughter, Celestina, informed me she was getting bored with the Girl Scouts, but didn't want to stop volunteering. She wanted to experience more of the opportunities of being a volunteer. I decided to start volunteering with her as a family, then as time passed, I found that I enjoyed volunteering as an individual and having a little time to myself to unwind.

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What do you feel makes Cowtown a special part of our community?

Cowtown is a special part of our community because it gives a unique glimpse into the past. There are not a lot of places where a person can learn about history in an interactive environment, Cowtown provides people the opportunity to learn about the past and feel as if they are a part of it.

What has your best experience as a volunteer been?

I can't choose just one moment. I love when a person comes and interacts with me as a volunteer and that spark comes to their eyes... in that moment you know you connected with them and created a memory. The joy of bringing knowledge and sparking their interests and imagination will always make me volunteer experience all worthwhile.

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