After Dinner Exhibit

Date: 2/15/2023
Contact: James Vannurden |


New Temporary Exhibit

Much is known and celebrated about the large Victorian meals and dinners during the reign of Queen Victoria. These elaborate banquets featured the finest cutlery, dishware, and food available at the time. Large tables seated dozens of guests all sitting together and sharing in meals. Even smaller homes tried to emulate these fashions of the day the best they could.

What may sneak past our initial readings are what happened after dinner. After these large banquets or even at small house parties, the Victorian society still enjoyed their time together.

outdoor tea.jpg

Socializing was a big part of the after-meal experience. Men and women usually went their separate ways. Ladies retreated to the drawing room to chat and drink coffee or tea. This allowed the gentlemen to remain at the table or retire to the library to smoke, drink, and engage in coarse conversation.


In this exhibit, you will learn about these after dinner customs from the Victorian area. There are also pieces from our collection to highlight these topics. What parts of this time interest you? Does this sound like fun? Have times really changed much since then?