Date: 6/14/2022
Contact: James Vannurden |

While each of us here at Old Cowtown Museum has a specific job title and function, such as curator or volunteer coordinator, all of us contribute the best we can to help Cowtown as a whole. Whether that means staying late for volunteer practice, running the admissions desk, or dressing up in costume for events, the employees at Cowtown are here to give visitors a great experience.

This past weekend I dressed up in period clothing and interpreted the bank exhibit for our event “A Day in the Life”. I used first-person interpretation to bring to life the historical figure William C. Woodman. Owner and proprietor of the First Arkansas Valley Bank, Mr. Woodman was an integral part of early Wichita history.

james pic.jpgmoneys.jpg

This is not a usual occurrence for me. I help interpret sites a handful of times per year. But if I am available and there is a need, I try to help Cowtown in this capacity. I handed out money to our guests who opened a new account with the bank; they then used this money at other sites to see how our 1870s town would function on a typical day.

Interpretation is an important part of Cowtown. Staff, interpreters, and our wonderful volunteer base populate the museum to create a wonderful guest experience.