Meat Market Building

Date: 5/28/2021
Contact: James Vannurden |

Hunters provided early meat markets with a variety of wild game including bison, elk, antelope, game birds, and even fish from the Arkansas River.

After the railroad came through, hides and meat were shipped east as fresh oysters and canned goods came west on rail cars.

This original structure was built in 1890 by Fred Breising on the west side of Main Street and served as the town meat market in Whitewater, Kansas.

Picture1.pngExterior photograph of Breising's meat market while in Whitewater, KS;

Picture2.pngInterior photograph of Breising's meat market while in Whitewater, KS

It later became the town library. And in 1987, it was donated to Old Cowtown Museum by Arthur Newman.

Picture4.pngBuilding before its move to Cowtown in 1987

The roof and false front were removed, placed on site, and restored with time-period door hardware. The siding is tongue and groove while the gable roof has wooden shingles. The interior has tin walls with a tin ceiling.