Safe Donation

Date: 4/29/2023
Contact: James Vannurden |


Safe Donation

In mid-April, Old Cowtown Museum accepted a donated of a safe. The tricky thing about accepting safe donations is the logistics of getting something that heavy to the museum. After coordination with the city of Wichita, Cowtown was able to secure a truck and trailer for the job.         

                                                                           Diebold safe exterior.jpg       

Two Cowtown employees and I picked up the safe in north Wichita. The owner had already placed the safe outside of his building, greatly assisting us in removing one step of extracting the item from inside. With the safe already outdoors, we were able to position the trailer for optimal loading. Using a floor jack, we were able to lift the front end of the safe enough to reach the height of the trailer. We then attached the trailer cable around the safe. Using the power of the cable we could slowly pull the safe up onto the trailer platform. Finally, safety straps held the safe in play for the journey to Cowtown.         

Diebold safe interior.jpg                                 

The safe is now at Cowtown and undergoing evaluation. It was made by the Diebold Safe and Lock Company of Ohio. They were a premier safe company during the late 1800s, even constructing large vaults for banks. Our new safe even has a second, interior safe complete with its own dial.