Victorian Dolls

Date: 8/23/2022
Contact: James Vannurden |

Dolls have always been a favorite form of entertainment for children. This was no different during the Victorian time period. Whether a child came from a rural farming family or an urban household, dolls were a universal form of childhood entertainment.

Dolls gave children the power to create their own imaginary world. They cared for them like a baby or set them down for a tea party. Accessories helped expand the story; cribs, beds, tables, and carriages added to the fun.

Here at Old Cowtown Museum, we incorporate dolls into our exhibits. They can be found in our rural houses and city homes, as well as stores and shops. We have various examples of dolls in our collection.

And there is not just one type of doll that children played with. People have always been resourceful, and this projected onto the dolls they created. We have several examples of different types of dolls popular to the Victorian child. These include dolls made of porcelain, corn cobs, apples, rags, and even paper.

We hope you can visit our new temporary exhibit soon, located in Empire House.

Doll exhibit photo 1.jpg 

Doll exhibit photo 2.jpg