Volunteer Cleanup Day

Date: 4/14/2021
Contact: James Vannurden |

​Part of the curatorial department’s job is to keep the exhibits clean. At a place like Old Cowtown Museum, this can be a daunting task. The curator(s) have a schedule to clean exhibits once per month. This includes sweeping floors, dusting objects, and cleaning windows. A spreadsheet is kept as reference to make sure what gets cleaned and what does not.

But once a year, Old Cowtown Museum hosts a Volunteer Cleanup Day. In 2021, this took place on March 28. Many volunteers and employees gave of their time that Sunday to help clean exhibits. (Note: I was not able to participate in Cleanup Day this year as I was still in the hospital recovering from surgery.)


Both interior and exterior projects were completed. Volunteers and staff painted the fence outside of the Hodge House. They also scrapped and painted some of the exterior wall of the General Store. Interior items were dusted and floors mopped and swept.


BIG THANKS to all of those that helped with Volunteer Cleanup Day! This specifically helped the curatorial department in keeping areas clean for our visitors.