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Summer Programs

Self Guided General Tour

See what life was like 140 years ago as your children explore the first 15 years of Wichita and Sedgwick County.

​Children in organized groups

  • Available by appointment: June - August, Tuesday - Friday (10:00am - NOON, 1:00-3:00pm)
  • These 2-hour programs do not include a guided tour of the museum.
  • Group size: 14 minimum, 25 maximum children per program, Larger group? Call for possibilities.
  • Make your reservation online. Registration is required two weeks prior for all programs.
  • Fee: $4 for children and adults

What's There to do on a Farm?

Children in organized groups discover that there was work, lots of work, but it wasn't all about work. Play included Cats in the Cradle, Babes in a Blanket and Graces. Come try a few chores and have some fun discovering the amusements and games to pass the time.

Buffalo and Beans: The Hunter and the Cowboy

Children in organized groups discover Cowboys and Buffalo Hunters. How do you survive on the prairie? Fire with no matches? How many things can you do with a rope? Buffalo Hunters and Cowboys made it look easy. Experience the tools they used and learn the tricks to living on the prairie.

1870s Games and Past Times

"There is nothing to do!" Kids in the present and the past all said it. your marbles? Ready to climb Jacob's ladder? Who is the fastest? Come try some of the ways that children had fun long ago.

Tuesday Time Travelers

  • Activities for children NOT in organized groups.
  • 2-hour program, 9:30-11:30am OR 1:00-3:00pm on 1st and 3rd Tuesday
  • Class size: Minimum 8 participants required to hold class - registrants will be notified 3 days prior if canceled.
  • Make your reservation online. Registration is required two weeks prior for all programs.
  • Fee: $4 for children and adults

Hunting and Herding

Dates: June 2, July 21

The Hunters and Cowboys had special skills that helped them live on the prairie. Try some of these different skills and see how well you would fare.

Victorian Games and Amusements

Dates: June 16, August 4

Victorian kids found ways to have fun without computers and electricity, and you can too. We will let you try many different toys and games, and we are sure you will be amazed at how much fun you can have.

Chores and Games on the Farm

Dates: July 7, August 18

Farm kids worked hard helping the family, but when the work was done, there was time for fun. Come experience some of their work and play and see if you could be a farm kid.