A Day in the Life

Date: 6/24/2022
Contact: James Vannurden |

This month we celebrated a special event focused on one specific day from the past. “A Day in the Life” transplanted Cowtown to June 11, 1874 Wichita. During this event, volunteers and staff portrayed what this individual day might have looked like as it happened. We focused on certain news stories, a baseball game, and even a marriage ceremony!

The big story of the day was the announcement of the verdict from the Winner Trial. Arthur Winner was found guilty of first-degree murder. Arthur and his partner Joseph McNutt plotted to scam an insurance company for money by killing a gentleman, setting the building on fire, and claiming the killed man was McNutt. Winner would then claim the benefits of the insurance money, and the two would meet up later. The judge and jury saw right through this ruse and convicted. McNutt would be tried later. A newspaper reporter went around and collected comments from the townspeople; guests could comment as well.

Another important part of the day was the nuptials between two local Sedgwick County residents. Miss Bell Drew married Mr. Osman Bates. The ceremony was located in our church and attended by many volunteers and visitors. The couple then received visitors at their new residence.

wedding bates 22.jpg

We also hosted a baseball game from our Cowtown base ball team. The Red Stockings played the Bull Dozers. Starting at 1:00 PM, the game hosted many spectators and showed the similarities and differences between 1870s base ball and today’s game.

baseball 22.jpg

Special thanks to all of those who helped make this event possible!

group 22 pic.jpg