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Self-Guided Tours for School Groups

​Thes​e "at your own pace" tours tie into your curriculum. All tours are two hours unless otherwise noted.

$4/student for one program OR $5/student for multiple programs. Title I schools: $2/student for one program OR $3/student for multiple programs. One FREE adult for every 10 students. Adults pay corresponding child fee.​
Historic Wichita Cowtown, Inc. will provide scholarship money of up to $150 per bus for field trip transportation on a first-come first-served basis. Desire to use this money must be indicated at the time of reservation. USD 259 schools follow the normal process for reserving buses, First Student Invoice payments and district invoicing to donor for reimbursement.

One-Room School

Grades: K-12​

Be a 1870s teacher for half a day. Use McGuffey's Readers, slates and chalk to teach in a one-room school.


Community Helpers & Changing Times

Grades: K-2

Compare and contrast occupations of the 1870s and what replaced them today.


Children: Town and Country

Grades: 3-4

Compare living in the city and on an 1880s farm to decide if city children or those in the country had it easier.


Working Together to Make a Town Work

Grades: 3-5

How did people of a new town work together? Find out how working together to provide basic goods and services was needed to keep the town alive.


All Around the Town

Grades: 5-8

Taking the role of townspeople, students tour to find the basics about the town that any 1870s citizen would need to know.