History Immersion Experience

Boom or Bust, Taking a Chance on Wichita

​Travel back in time to the late 1800's to a frontier settlement on the Chisholm Trail. Creating a new town in the middle of the "Great American Desert" took courage, ingenuity and an entrepreneurial spirit. Far flung and isolated without connections to the rest of the country, except by horse and stage, Pioneers journeyed without any idea of what the future could be. Experience Cowtown, a representation of Wichita's early days and entrepreneurial development. Encounter three of the city's earliest residents who will recount their experiences on the Plains as they staked out their claim to a new life in the Kansas Territory.

$25/person (children under 4 FREE)

Group size:
10-25 participants.

90 minutes​​​​​​​​

Required. Call ahead of time to make a reservation. Contact Angela West at (316) 350-3317 or Email AWest@wichita.gov