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Scout Programs

Tiger Cubs - Discovering Wichita

Plan your "Go See It" at Cowtown and learn about Wichita's past. Tour the museum, make a card in the print shop, visit the farm and learn about animal care.

Meets Requirements Ig, 4g and Elective 31.
Class size: 6-12 participants.
Offered any time.​ Program length: 1.5 hours.
Cost: $3/scout with adult.​​

Wolf Cubs - Getting It Done in the 1870s

Learn about tools, their uses in the Carpentry Shop and create a birdhouse project. Go around the grounds learning about machines and how they did the work needed long ago.

Meets Requirements 5a, c, d, e and Elective 7a, 8b, c.​
Class size: 6-12 participants.​
Available on non-event Saturdays.​ Program length: 2 hours.
Cost: $13/scout, $3.00/adult.​

Bear Cubs - Building an 1870s Town

Come and learn how a town was built and then create your own toolbox at Old Cowtown Museum's Carpentry Shop so that you can go out and build on your own.

Meets Requirements 3b, c, e, and 20a, 20b.​
Class size: 6-12 participants.​
Available on non-event Saturdays.​​ Program length: 1.5-2 hours.
Cost: $13/scout, $3.00/adult.​

Daily Life: 1870s City Living

Participate in common chores, games, and manners of city children in a 1870s lower middle class home.​

Completes most requirements for the Brownie "Games to Pass the Time Away" and Junior "Putting You in the Past" badges.​
Class size: 12-25 participants.​​
TBD​​. Program length: TBD.​​
 Cost: TBD