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Outreach Programs - Cowtown on the Road

Let us come to your school and take students back to the past. Guides come with activities that help students think about the past in a different way. A program lasts 1 hour and is designed for single classes. Minimum of 12 students.

$4/student for one program. Title I schools: $3/student for one program.​

Readin', Writin' & Recitation

Grades: 1-5

Take your students back in time as our costumed teacher leads them through lessons and exercises of the 1870s.


Cowpokes & Trail Drives

Grades: 3-5

Ride the trail to the past with our costumed cowboy to experience the boredom and dangers of a cattle drive.


Manners & Marbles

Grades: 2-4

An 1870s townsperson will help you discover some of the games and etiquette that were part of life when Wichita was young.​​


Headin' West

Grades: 3-5

Discover the hardships and challenges experienced as the nation expanded to the west, as well as what it took to start the town of Wichita in the middle of the prairie.​​